Stun Master Stun Batons Are Your Modern Day Lightsaber

Luke Skywalker used the power to help fight the forces of evil but even he had a bit of assistance. Luckily for us Earthlings we’ve got some help also. The Stun Master Stun Baton is our lightsaber and may be every bit as good in fighting with the forces of evil, or in our situation preventing a possible bodily attack. And unlike Luke, who did not mind taking a lifetime or two, we still do not need to be concerned about taking a lifetime together with the stun baton. It merely incapacitates the poor man, it does not kill them. Just think about all of the storm troopers that would have had a opportunity to redeem themselves if Luke had used a stun baton rather than the lightsaber?

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In all seriousness though it would not be a terrible idea, particularly for girls and older citizens, to look at locating a small aid in safely protecting themselves by means of a non lethal self defense apparatus such as the stun baton. Let us be fair, even though the stun baton does seem and can be relatively mild and simple to carry it is not quite as functional as the smaller, lighter and simpler to carry routine stun weapon. What it will have more than a more compact stun gun, in my view, is a greater degree of efficiency. It’s a 21 inch retractable pole that should touched will provide a high voltage, low amperage shock which will incapacitate the most competitive of attackers. The pole will let you incapacitate your attacker by a larger space therefor which makes it a more powerful and more powerful weapon. And the beauty is you don’t need to be concerned about the attacker touching you and becoming shocked yourself since the present is 1 way.

Just like with any stun device I will with sincerity say they will work without you having to touch your attacker. The way you ask? Well lets say two thugs had cornered you in a street and so were closing in to ease you of any valuables or money you had in your person. Let say that until they arrived in 20 feet you pulled this out retractable stun baton, pushed the button and then out came the pole, crackling and light up the street with its gloomy haze of pain for any would-be attacker. I guarantee you these two thugs will provide significant consideration before moving or even just turn tail and run instantly.

So do your self and the ones that like you a favor and take some type of non-lethal self-defense beside you constantly and may the force be with you. Sorry I could not resist.

Stay Safe.

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